Ella Baila Sola Lyrics: A Spanish Song Worth Dancing To

A song whose sensation spread the craze around the world, with its entertaining rhythms and lyrics. Are you ready to know? “Ella Baila Sola,” a classic and popular Spanish song that will make you move your feet and sing along. This song, performed by an artist or group called “Compa,” showcases the beauty of a woman who dances alone and captivates everyone around her.

The Charming Dance of an Independent Lady

“¿Qué le parece esa morra?” The lyrics start with an interesting inquiry, getting some information about a specific young lady. The song depicts her as somebody who dances alone, and her freedom is something that draws in the consideration of others. The artist is captivated by her excellence and appeal.

“La que anda bailando sola me gusta dad’ mí bella.” The lyrics keep, communicating the artist’s appreciation for this lady who dances solo. He thinks that she is appealing and recognizes her fearlessness. It’s clear that she realizes she is gorgeous, and everybody can’t resist the urge to watch her as she moves nimbly on the dance floor.

An Intense Move: Moving Toward the Dancer

“Ella sabe que está buena que tasks andan mirándola cómo baila.” The lyrics uncover that the lady knows about her appeal and the consideration she gets. Empowered by her certainty, the vocalist chooses to take action and move toward her. He utilizes the expression “le tiro task un verbo” to communicate his expectation of participating in a discussion or playing with her.

“Tomamos tragos sin peros, solo tentación.” The lyrics portray a scene where the vocalist and the lady he is keen on begin appreciating each other’s conversation. They have drinks together, relinquishing any hindrances and enjoying the allurement existing apart from everything else.

An Insane Proposition: Prevailing upon Her

“Le dije ‘voy a conquistar tu familia, que en unos días vas a ser mía’.” The lyrics go off in a strange direction when the vocalist strongly lets the lady know that he intends to prevail upon her family and make her his in only a couple of days. It’s an insane proposition, however it appears to interest her.

“Me dijo que estoy muy crazy pero le gusta que ningún vato como yo actúa.” The lady recognizes the artist’s dauntlessness and concedes that she prefers how he stands apart from different folks. His exceptional methodology and assurance appear to fascinate her.

The Fascination is Common

“Y ahí te va, mija y pura doble p, viejo así nomas, compa Pedro puro eslabón armado dad’ las plebitas.” The lyrics uncover the vocalist’s name, Pedro, and his connection with a gathering called “Eslabón Armado.” He underscores that he may not be a rich man, but rather with regards to issues of the heart, he vows to satisfy all her longings.

“¡Cha-chau! No soy un vato que tiene varo.” The lyrics energetically express that the vocalist isn’t a person who is rich or has a large chunk of change. Be that as it may, he compensates for it by being certified and genuine.

An Affection Association

“Pero hablando del corazón, te cumplo task.” The lyrics uncover the vocalist’s aims to satisfy the lady’s cravings and fulfill her in all sincerity. He needs to demonstrate that his adoration is veritable and that he can give all that she wants.

“Me agarró pegadito de su mano, mi compa ni se la creyó, que al pasar fui yo su cuerpo.” The lyrics portray a second where the vocalist holds the lady’s hand, leaving his companion in dismay. The vocalist feels major areas of strength for her, and he can hardly comprehend his amazing good fortune.

“Juro por dios que period tan perfecto, su cinturita como modelo, sus ojos desde el principio me enamoraron.” The lyrics express the vocalist’s deference to the lady’s flawlessness. He is enthralled by her thin midsection, as though she were a model, and her eyes have captivated him all along.

“An ella le zeal y a mí me gusta.” The lyrics close with the insistence that the lady loves the vocalist, and he responds to those sentiments. There is a shared fascination among them, and they appear to be setting out on a promising heartfelt excursion.

Thus, next time you hear the snappy tune of “Ella Baila Sola,” focus on the lyrics and allow yourself to be moved by the musicality. This Spanish song praises the magnificence and certainty of an alone, lady, and it recounts an account of affection and fascination. Prepare to dance and chime into this enrapturing song! Ana de Armas Blade Runner


All in all, “Ella Baila Sola” by Compa is something beyond a snappy Spanish song — it’s a festival of certainty, charm, and the fervor of recently discovered love. Through its enrapturing lyrics, the song recounts the narrative of an intense experience between a hypnotizing solo dancer and a decided admirer named Pedro. As the lyrics unfurl, we witness Pedro’s daring interest and the shared fascination that blooms between him and the enamoring lady on the dance floor. Regardless of his absence of riches, Pedro’s truthfulness and certifiable warmth prevail upon her, promising a promising heartfelt excursion ahead. Thus, the following time you hear the overwhelming beat of “Ella Baila Sola,” let yourself be cleared away by its musicality and submerge yourself in the story of affection and energy it so perfectly depicts. Prepare to dance and chime into this charming tune — it’s a Spanish song worth celebrating!

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